Q&A for gay guys: Things people ask us! (I)

We have to notice that, though a lot of these questions sound prejudiced and bigoted, they are in fact not – they stem from curiosity, perceived stereotypes and are probably good-natured, deep inside. And if you want to break stereotypes all over the world, find a guy on yec.com with which you can be comfortable and proud gay man!

  1. Why do gay men love Britney Spears so much?
  1. Why do gay men love Julianne Moore so much?
  1. Why do gay males live for Beyonce?
  1. Why do gay men have such a good taste?

  1. Why do gay guys act like they have long hair?
  1. Who do gay men feel the need to draw in their eyebrows?
  1. Would you ever make a sex tape?

  1. Which character on “The A-List” are you most like?
  1. Who’s in charge, the top or the bottom?

And then there are questions like these:

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