First dates: Things we don’t forget!

It doesn’t matter how young or old we all are – or how young we feel – we all remember our first dates. Whether the first date was cute, stupid, horrifying, tedious, a total bust or a fairy tale romance, we can all remember the details and vividly tell the story of our first encounter with another guy. Of course, a lot has changes for everyone since the first date ( is here to help you out with that), but whisper stories you’ll read will transport you back to that moment of joy, shame, resignation or bliss you first felt!

I'm gay and was on a first date with a guy yesterday. I went to go to the bathroom and when I came back he was on the phone calling me a whale to someone. I just left. Wish a guy could just like me.
Went on my first date in years last night. It was so fun! Nice to meet another gay guy who has similar tastes and isn't like all the others. Perfect gentleman.
As a gay guy, I just want to enjoy myself, not sleep with a guy on the first date.
Had my first date ever... And with a guy I'm crazy about. The butterflies won't stop and I'm nervous because he said yes to another date. This is the last thing i want to mess up... (Gay)
Today I had my first date with my boyfriend. We're both gay teens, we're both still not fully out, we weren't all alone, and yet, it was one of the greatest days of my life.
Just went on my first date with another man. Total bust. Time to drink up the courage to try again.
I had my first ever gay date today. I don't think it will go anywhere but it was simpler than expected and won't be the last!
I went on my first date with another out gay guy yesterday. I was surprisingly comfortable being out in public.. Don't know what I was so worried about.
I went on my first date in 7yrs. I thought it went great.  This is the first guy I went on a date with since I came out and hasnt talked to me since and it hurts. Now I feel like I cant go out again.
I just had my first date with another gay guy and he wants to take things a lot faster than I do so I'm confused and nervous.

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