Gay frat boys: What’s the deal?

We’ve all seen more than enough movies about frat boys, wild parties, the whole Greek system at American universities… but what happens when you’re gay and you’re also a part of a fraternity? The best way to find out those secrets is to turn to whisper, our favorite hush-hush system where you can tell the world of your burdens but still stay anonymous. And if you want to find your own frat boy, you can turn to and travel the world with him!

I'm in a fraternity and I'm planning to come out to my brothers soon. I know some are homophobic but I want to be honest.


One of my pledge brothers is openly gay and I am not. He's the only one who knows about it. He was the worst person to tell because now he wants to out me to the whole house. I'm not ready yet..
I'm in a fraternity that's against letting gay people join..  I'm gay
I think I'm gay but I don't know how to come out to my fraternity
I'm trying to get the courage to come out to my fraternity. I'm sick of living in silence about it. If they drop me, then screw them
I pretend to be homophobic around all of my frat brothers. In reality I'm in the closet and jealous of those who are out.
My Frat was accepting of one of the dudes who came out this semester. But at the same time, I can tell they treat him a little different. I'm in the closet and may stay there because of this
More and more of my guy friends are coming out to me and trying to hookup with me after I was the first in my frat to come out as gay
As a gay dude living in a frat house it's like a buffet. None of the guys know I mess with any other guys in the house. They would all have heart attacks
I'm in love with a guy in my fraternity, he doesn't even know I'm gay
I'm gay but the guys in the fraternity I joined don't know. I've hid it around them. Should I tell them the truth?
I'm gay and in a fraternity. If they're really your brothers they won't care.
Living in a frat house as a gay guy can be a blessing and a curse. Alpha dude here, but I like when a guy takes control.

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