Looking for a calendar? Pecs & Puppies are here!

It’s that time of the year when we’re used to watching hot shirtless hunks in various interesting poses who’re looking adorable… no, we’re not talking about the summer, we’re talking about the festive season and calendars! If you want to visit some pretty nice cities yec.com has its fair share of advantages, but let us not forget the hot calendars we’ve already covered: from Romanian priest edition to sexy rugby players, it’s time to feast your eyes on Pecs & Puppies!


Of course, we haven’t forgotten which year is this (the video above is just a taste of the last year’s calendar) – this year it was done by Mike Ruiz, and all the money will go to Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue for lost and abandoned puppies and such.

The guys are hot, the cause is great… what more do you need? And if you want to find your own hunk, try yec.com and have a great time!

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