Jim Walker: From news anchor to adult entertainment!

Jim Walker is all the rage these days – chances are that some of you know him as a news anchor and journalist from Fox, CBS and NBC, while others will recognize his, how to say it – more interesting but less journalistic works from adult entertainment industry! While a career in adult entertainment is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s rather unusual to see a switch from such a high-publicized profession like TV journalism to another even more public profession like adult entertainment. But Jim, in addition to looking fantastic, had a few things to say about the whole deal.

I’m much more successful in every measure than I ever was before. I left the news business in 2013 after my boss in Southwest Florida told me that research had shown ‘people here just don’t like you’. Add to that, the immense pressure of daily ratings where your job is virtually on the line every single day…”

“You know, I loved telling news, I loved breaking news and I loved telling good stories, but I didn’t like the continuous bulls––t that management put you through and the constant pressure to sensationalize and exaggerate what was really true just to boost ratings.”

My story is about getting out of an environment that’s toxic to you. Whether it’s long-term or temporary, it’s about getting yourself to a place where going to work every day doesn’t make you want to kill yourself.

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