Hallmark ad: Adorable gay couple!

You’ve probably heard of Hallmark before: Hallmark greeting cards, Hallmark movies, Hallmark this and that… but this time they’ve released an adorable Christmas ad which features a gay couple! With Halloween gone it’s about time we start discussing Christmas, decorations, presents and parties – after all, we have less than two months left!

The couple is unpacking and discussing how they spent their first Xmas together (yes, we know that it’s not Xmas yet and we’re barely out of Halloween but it’s never too early to find a cute guy on yec.com). Then they find their first Christmas tree in one of the boxes and the tale goes on…


Isn’t the video just adorable? If you’re still not paired up and don’t know where you’ll spend your Xmas, it’s time to browse YEC.com and find a cute guy with whom you can travel, see the world and have a wonderful Christmas evening!


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