Men’s fashion: The forgotten seventies!

Well, ’70-es aren’t actually forgotten, they’re overlooked because of the glamorous ’80-es! But jokes aside, seventies had some of the weirdest and funniest male outfits that we’ve ever seen: including glitter, strange underwear, combinations of shirts and undies… Take a look and decide what’s more weird!


Shirt and underwear… we’ve been this in babies, but it’s not so interesting on grown men!


Really? Ponchos, long sweaters without sleeves… Really?!


Sparkle and dazzle girls!


We shudder to think this used to be someone’s first choice for a night out.


We’d love to get out hands on those pecs – but the trousers… oh the humanity!


Now we have pimp my ride, back in the days it was pimp my pimp!


He looks like a James Bond extra.


Today we know this constitutes animal cruelty.


Leopard print is NEVER a good choice!


Ok, we love his bod’, but what’s with the undies?


The underwear is just plain weird.


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