Gay history: Bob, the gay doll!

Have you ever heard of Bob? He was the “the world’s first openly gay doll” – and he had his debut back in 1977! While gay Bob was basically a promotional stunt, it still had some impact on the gay culture (and is still remembered today).

Hi Boys, Girls, and Grownups… I’m Gay Bob the world’s first gay doll. I bet you are wondering why I come packed in a closet. ‘Coming out of the closet’ is an expression which means that you admit the truth about yourself, and are no longer ashamed of what you are. Gay people use the expression “coming out of the closet” to explain they are no longer afraid, or ashamed, of being gay, and no longer hide the fact.”

Gay people are no different than straight people… if everyone came ‘out of their closets’ there wouldn’t be so many angry, frustrated, frightened people… People who are not ashamed of what they are, are more lovable, kind and understanding.. It’s not easy to be honest about what you are — in fact it takes a great deal of courage… But remember if Gay Bob has the courage to come out his closet, so can you…”

Gay Bob (left) and gay Billy (right). Billy was made 20 years later, in 1997.


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