2016 watch-list: Best gay movies! (II)

Looking for some good gay themed movies to watch with your boyfriend? If you’re still searching for that special guy, you can find him on yec.com – but meanwhile check out our list of best gay themed movies in 2016!

Other People tells a story of a loving son who comes back to take care of his ailing mom… of course, with Molly Shannon on board anything can happen!

Spa Night depicts growth and experiences of a David Cho, who feels a bit repressed in his traditional, conservative Korean family. But what happens when he gets a job in the gay spa?

Suited is an HBO documentary about Bindle & Keep, the tailor shop that works in Brooklyn and caters to its diverse community. It discusses gender norms, sexuality and, of course, tailoring!

Theo & Hugo is a French drama-romance… it starts a bit rough but gets better towards the end. Definitely worth watching!

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