Bea Arthur helps LGBT youth in her will!

We all remember actress Bea Arthur well – she was one of the Golden Girls, and who would forget all those memorable one liners she delivered during the decades of her Hollywood and television career?

The Golden Girls

Bea Arthur passed away in April this year, but she decided to give all of her LGBT fans one final gift: in her will she stipulated that $300,000.00 will go to New York’s Ali Forney Center, an organization supporting homeless LGBT youth.

The director was amazed with her generosity (she has worked with the Center before) and stated: “The last year and a half, since the economic crisis started, it’s been really hard to keep this program going, a lot of the foundation and corporate money that we used to get has dried up, and we’ve been growing. Every day, we have about 125 kids a night waiting to get into our housing. For months, I’ve been really sweating to make each payroll, and we’re usually a month or two behind on our rent, and there have been times when I was afraid that I wasn’t going to hold it together… That kind of terror of [trying to] keep this thing going has come to an end for now with this extraordinary generosity.”

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