Gay vacay in Copenhagen: Bars!

When your adventures take you to Copenhagen, you should be delighted – it’s one of the most enchanting cities on our planet, tucked away in northernmost part of Europe, with a vivid gay bar and clubs scene! If you’re not sure where to go and which bars to visit, check out our top picks!



Though Jailhouse sounds like a name of a hard core leather club, it’s surprisingly vanilla: it’s got euro dance and pop music, and the people are so friendly and casual it can be annoying (just kidding – that can never be annoying). It’s one of the best gay bars if you want to meet new people and make friends – and the cocktails are simply superb!



Oscar Bar Café is the best gay café for daytime drinks, hands down – it has a fantastic menu and a good choice of drinks. Sometimes it gets so crowded you’ll have to wait quite a bit to be served, but you can pass the time by chatting with other patrons.

SLM - Scandinavian Leather Men

SLM – Scandinavian Leather Men

SLM – Scandinavian Leather Men is the newest addition to the Copenhagen leather scene: rubber, uniforms, leather and other fun fetishes are welcome here. Definitely check out their website before you go – you don’t want to miss special offers and events!


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