Visiting Atlanta: Best gay bars! (I)

If you ever happen to visit Atlanta (thanks to of course) you should know what some of the best gay bars in town are! Atlanta is huge, beautiful and has that amazing southern hospitality and warmth… in abundance!

Swinging Richards

Swinging Richards is the biggest and wildest gay bars in the whole of United States: it has dancers which are wearing, how to phrase this… their birthday suits! The atmosphere inside is completely crazy, and if you’re looking for a wild night out – welcome!


Burkhart’s is friendly, cozy and relaxed, and had regular drag shows! Since it has more than decent menu and a really laid back, relaxed guests, it’s perfect if you’re new in town and want to meet some friends!


Blake’s is your next-door type of bar, attracting mostly younger crowd – if you want to see and be seen, visit Blake’s and you’ll easily get in touch with someone!



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