Ellen DeGeneres talks about her coming out!

We all know and love Ellen DeGeneres – who here hasn’t watched her show? She hosted numerous celebrities, sports stars, actors, politicians, young artists, charities… not to mention hot gardeners and young talents! But when Ellen first came out 19 years ago, back in 1997, her move caused quite a stir.

I was the punch line of lots of jokes… I laughed at some, but I realized there’s somebody on the other side of them. It’s cruel. I’ve never liked mean comedy, but that became even more important to me after I was the brunt of it.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to work again, and although I was out, I was still trying to alter myself – not dressing the way I wanted to dress or wearing my hair the way I wanted to. I slowly gained the confidence to be authentic.

And what I’ve learned about other people is that they strive to be authentic, too. So whether they fully support me, love my lifestyle, or love that I’m married to a woman, I think they like that authenticity, and they’re drawn to it. Time is a strange thing. I was at rock bottom and out of money, with no work in sight, but one step at a time, it gets better. It gets much better than better.”

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