Oh no: Embarrassing gay moments!

Lets face it, we all had them: those awkward moments when you want to say one thing but then you say another, when you want to do something but what happens is completely unrelated to what you originally planned to do… but you’d be hard pressed to find more embarrassing and awkward moments than those involving accidental coming outs – check them out!

I was at a family wedding and overheard my cousin's friends talking to her about being gay or together, I walked over and told them I was gay too. Turns out they were just messing around. Most awkward coming out ever.
After I came out my priest came out to me.
Had my first lesbian one night stand a couple weeks ago. Met my boyfriend's family today. It was his sister.  Dinner was awkward
I'm a professor at a college and it's kinda awkward running into my female students at lesbian clubs.  Should I act friendly yet professional or let them buy me a drink?
I am not "out". other than the guys I am with very few people know.  I went to a porn store with glory holes.  I sucked off a few guys. I finished and was in the lobby when my gf's brother walked out
Try being Mormon and having the bishop's wife catch you aggressively making out with a girl. I guess you can't hide sin against a wall with another girl's hand up your shirt.
Telling a guy I wasn't interested because I was currently seeing his female cousin


I came out to my boyfriend I was bi... Then he came out that he was bi and we only met because he has a huge crush on my brother...


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