Visiting Atlanta: Best gay bars! (II)

Have you ever thought of visiting Atlanta? It’s the jewel of the American south, full of warmth and hospitality… and some pretty hot guys! If you haven’t been there yet, maybe it’s time to check out and find a travel mate – and then hit some of the best bars and gay clubs in Atlanta!

The Heretic

Heretic is large, crowded and exciting! This amazing gay club used to be a leather club, and you can still spot leather guys rolling around, but the good thing is that most guys love to go bare-chested! It’s known for its wild weekend late night parties.

Atlanta Eagle

Atlanta Eagle is the best leather bar in Atlanta: packed with leather boys, bears, masculine and muscular guys who love to hang out together! You’ll easily find some new friends and make a connection at Eagle!


Bulldogs is a hip hop gay bar! It’s the premium spot for African-American community of gay men in Atlanta.

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