Exploring Lisbon: Best Portuguese sweets! (I)


Have you ever had a chance to visit Lisbon? It’s one of the most beautiful cities of Europe – and something quite unique: Portugal was untouched by the horrors of WWII, and its unique Luso culture (“Luso” being a term denoting the Portuguese sphere of influence) is something of a mild shock for the average traveler. Of course, you can easily find your way around Lisbon thanks to YEC.com: meet new people and find a sweet Portuguese guy who wants to show you the local attractions… but meanwhile enjoy in the gems of Portuguese cuisine: the sweets!

Pastel de Nata

Pastel de Nata sounds so simple: it’s a custard cake. But it’s so much more – and explosion of tastes and splendor in your mouth! Sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, this Portuguese national dessert is everywhere and it’s so good you can basically live off it.

Next on our list is Toucinho do Céu – it’s an almond egg yolk cake. Sounds rather dull and simple, right? But once you try it you’ll be hooked on it!

Bola de Berlim (also known as Berliners or Berlin doughnuts) is a Portuguese twist on regular doughnuts: they don’t have holes (why waste that space when you can fill it with custard) but they have this amazing filling that varies from custard, jam, marmalade to various fruits.

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