Aussie cowboys are fighting for marriage equality!

We love Australia – probably because all those hot Aussies stripping down to make hugely popular calendars – but the land of Oz still doesn’t have marriage equality for LGBT people. In an interesting turn of events, a gay cowboy couple made a public call to legalize gay marriage!


“We don’t want anything more than anyone else, we just want the same,” says Miki. “We have now found our voice, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Dan adds, “People generally don’t bat an eyelid when Miki and I are living and working amongst other farmers. We’re just Dan and Miki, and these are our cattle.”

It’s an incredible video that just shows how we’re all equal and want same things: love, respect and compassion for and from everyone! You can also check out more interesting videos from the campaign’s official Facebook page – they’re all adorable!

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