Exploring Lisbon: Best Portuguese sweets! (II)

When you’re in Lisbon, you’re bound to get hungry. And while that cute guy you met thanks to YEC.com can help you get around the city and visit all the good places, he can also help you find the best desserts! But there’s no reason to wander in the dark when you can get some info right here and choose some of the most delicious desserts in the old world!

We’ve all heard of creme brule – but Leite Creme is the Portuguese version of it! For some reason, we thought that they do it better then the French (even though Spaniards have crema catalana, which is basically the same thing). Delicious yet simple, a perfect ending to a great meal!

Fios de Ovos (literally meaning “egg threads”) are really made from eggs – these weird hairy looking cakes are so amazing you’ll probably end up having two at a time!

Bolo de Bolacha (cookie cake) is made from bolacha Maria cookies with condensed milk. There is also a Bolo de Bolacha mousse, which is also delicious!


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