Xmas mania: Best markets in Europe!

Looking for a beautiful Christmas market somewhere in Europe? Well, yec.com can certainly help you get there – make a profile, find a travel mate and enjoy your trip! But you need to know which Xmas markets are the best in the Old World, so here it goes!


November 18 – December 30

France has a strong tradition of Christmas markets and Lille might be a good choice for a visit: vin chaud (mulled wine) – nobody does it like the French! Not to mention pommes d’amour (candid apples) and other sexy French delights!


November 25 – December 31

Strasbourg is an important part of European political landscape, but the city has its tradition Euro charm which intensifies during Xmas season!


November 18, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Belgium is full of delicious chocolate, waffles, hot guys and interesting beverages! It’s time to pack and head to Bruges because it has one of the best Xmas markets in this part of Europe!


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