Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and gay marriage proposal!

You’re not yet a couple? Well, you can easily find your guy on yec.com and travel the world – and then, when you two are a couple, you’ll have your little secrets, rituals and traditions. But check out the heartwarming story of two guys who just love Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and just happen to be gay!

James and Anthony are massive MMPR fans – in fact, they love the show so much that they’re regularly visiting conventions and love cosplay! So it was only natural that the marriage proposal will happen in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers style!

James posted on Facebook: “You guys know that Anthony and I never do anything mediocre, we always have to be over-the-top! So, with that said, he had to make sure that the next step in our lives was more than special, it had to more Morphinominal! Anthony got down on one knee, in his ranger suit to ask me to be his forever ranger! Today, we are announcement our engagement! I said yes! Rangers Together, Love Forever!”

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