Hottest gay calendars for 2017! (I)

Winter has its advantages: while we might not be seeing a lot of shirtless hunks on beaches, it’s time to buy yet another helpful tool (no, we’re not talking about protein shakers or new kitchen utensils) – it’s time to buy a guy calendar for 2017! There are many hot calendars out there that you can give as a present to your man from!

Exhibition 2017 

This super hot calendar is the product of Michael Stokes’ talent for photograph: he loves to take pictures of hot guys like cowboys, trainers, bodybuilders… it’s a great gift to your guy for the upcoming year!

Falcon Studios is a well known name in adult entertainment industry, and they regularly release beautiful calendars featuring their hottest performers!

Chicos 2017 Calendar (Dylan Rosser)

Chicos 2017 Calendar by Dylan Rosser is yet another hot present that you can give to the guy you like! It’s packed from front to back with skimpily dressed hot guys!

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