First dates: Biggest turn-offs! (I)

We’re all nervous when it comes to first dates – thanks to you’ll get to know a thing or two about a guy before you actually go out on a travel date – but recent study revealed what are the biggest turnoffs when it comes to dating!

Surprisingly, “bad temper” was ranked high as #2 – while we salute that, it’s a bit strange it’s been ranked before bad sense of humor (#7) or being selfish (#4). What’s good is that people are valuing what’s on the inside, i.e. what’s the kind of person you want to sit in front of you during the first date instead of just looking at the pretty face.

1. Body odor
2. Bad temper
3. Lying
4. Being selfish
5.  Cigarette breath
6.  Bad breath (unidentified food)
7. No sense of humor
8. Yellow teeth
9. Eats disgustingly
10. Having dirty clothes
11. Being rude to waiters
12. Had nothing in common
13. Dirty fingernails
14. Smoking
15. Smelly feet
16. Talking about exes too much
17. Being sexist
18. Bad fake tan
19. Being jealous
20. Being obsessed with money
21. Took too many selfies
22. Being cheap
23. Coffee breath
24. Can’t handle alcohol
25. Referring to themselves in the third person

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