Hottest gay calendars for 2017! (II)

The only regret about gay calendars is that one year only has 12 months – so we get to see around a dozen hot guys or so! But regrets aside, if you’re looking for a hot gift for your hot guy from, it’s time to check out some of the best gay calendars for 2017!

Castings 2017 Calendar

Castings 2017 Calendar from Rick Day looks like someone’s Instagram account (Day’s, to be precise) so you can write down important reminders during the whole year!

BelAmi might not be everyone’s forte, but they do know how to make movies and – hot calendars! They have two on display this year: Freshman and Online Boys. Both are quote hot and full of hot twinks and young jocks!

TJ Testimonial Chiefs Players Calendar  for 2017 is filled with hottest rugby players you can imagine! You can watch them during the whole year if you check out their calendar right here.

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