First dates: Biggest turn-offs! (II)

When it comes to dating, every time seems like the first time: every first date is like your “first” first date, because you can’t really live on the old glory… If you want to meet a cute guy who loves to travel, you can turn to – meanwhile, check out the rest of biggest turn offs on first dates brought to us by a recent study!

26. Someone who looks at themselves more than you
27. Dandruff
28. Talked about babies/marriage on the first date
29. Someone who doesn’t make you a priority
30. Horrible perfume/aftershave
31. Had piercings
32. Being late
33. Annoying laugh
34. Being insecure

35. A nasal voice
36. Tattoos
37. Bad make-up
38. Friends didn’t like them
39. Bad haircut
40. Bad fashion sense
41. Obviously checking out your body
42. No career ambition
43. Too much perfume/aftershave

44. Big nose
45. Had rubbish taste in music
46. Still living with parents
47. Bad shoes
48. Had rubbish taste in TV

49. Living with parents
50. Wore braces

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