Portuguese cuisine: A master class for the palate! (I)

Portugal might be somewhat overshadowed by its big brother Spain, but not when it comes to cuisine: this Atlantic nation might not have the charm of Italy or the high class of the French cuisine, but it has more than a fair share of delicious meals that you simply must try if you’re a travelling gourmet! Of course, meal is always better when it’s shared with someone you like, and you can find that person on yec.com!

Pastéis de bacalhau (codfish cake) is an important part of Portuguese cuisine – they claim there are more than a thousand way to prepare codfish in Portugal, and we’re inclined to believe them! Codfish cakes can be an entree or a main meal – they are golden, crispy and delicious!

Bacalhau à brás is another codfish dish that is essentially Portuguese – onions, thinly sliced potatoes, basil, parsley and olives are a great addition to codfish in this fantastic meal!

Seafood is abundant in Portugal, and you can taste every last one of the little mermaid’s friends in this fantastic dish called “Caldeirada de peixe”: it’s a stew that can be made from any kind of seafood and has rich, creamy taste!

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