Christmas day: Traditional menu!

Christmas is a time of joy, festive mood, time we spend with people whom we love – and surrounded with lots of delicious food! But if you’re hosting a dinner party around Xmas, or just want to impress that cute guy from with whom you’ve traveled or you’re planning to travel with, it’s time to check out some of the easy-to-make dishes for Christmas season!

“Traditional” Christmas breakfast can include salmon and bloody Marry scrambled eggs! Not only it’s nutritious – it’s also quite delicious!

Alternatively, you can go with club sandwich – in a bagel!

As you approach dinner, you need to start thinking about appetizers. Chicken liver pate is always a good choice!

If you want something light before dinner, smoked salmon (providing you haven’t had it for breakfast) is always a good choice – especially with roasted beetroot!

Of course, you have to have the main course – turkey, as usual – but it’s time to make something different and try cider roast turkey! Those who try it never go back to regular turkey!


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