Ty Herndon and his coming out!

You’ve never heard of Ty Herndon? You must be living under a rock… or you’re not a big fan of country music! Ty Herndon came out way back in 2014, and it made him even more popular. Now he shared some thoughts about his coming out with the world!

I’ve had the most incredible career and most incredible life. But to be living it now and to be doing music that matters and be authentic and growing a new fan base and keeping a lot of the same fan base has been extraordinary. … Finding out that I could do both was a miracle.

I started having a conversation with Chely Wright about two years after she came out. It took me another two years in the process of just educating myself what that looks like. If you’re going to walk away from a career or think you might have to, you’ve got to figure out what you’re going to do with your life. I wanted to be really sure about my thinking, my heart. Chely helped me do that. I give her a ton of credit for helping me on my journey.

I wanted music that would go out into the world and that anyone from any walk of life could hear their story in my music. Because I have a lot of die-hard country fans who have been with me a long time and are still right there. And I have a legion of brand new fans, within the young country listeners, within the LGBT community.

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