Best Christmas cocktails! (I)

Are you throwing down a Christmas party? Maybe you’ve been invited to someone else’s Xmas feast? Whatever the reason and setting is, you’d do well to learn a few delicious Christmas cocktail recipes – and dazzle your man from!

Cranberry Ginger Cocktail, also known as Santa’s Moscow mule (don’t overthink it) is a delicious and easy to make cocktail that really has that festive punch! You can’t really go wrong with vodka, ginger beer and cranberries!

Christmas Cosmopolitan (we don’t really get all the hate Cosmo is getting in recent years – if it tastes good, who cares about fashion?) is all about alcoholic goodness: vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice!

Cranberry Mojito isn’t something you’ll just drink once – we suspect it might become your favorite! Cranberries are kind of a staple winter fruit-berries, and you can add them to basically anything and tell people it’s “Xmas”! It’s made just like regular mojito, but with cranberries and has this wonderful pink-ish shade!

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