Best Christmas cocktails!

Christmas and New Year’s eye (and accompanying parties and events) are the best time to show off and dazzle everyone with your knowledge of cocktails! Mix, shake and stir, create delicious drinks and steal the heart of a guy from – and then you can travel the world with him!

Candy Cane Jello Shots might be a bit difficult to make (and they look like something that comes from ’80-es brat pack movie), but since they’ve been forgotten in recent years your approach will look new and fresh! You can use peppermint schnapps, milk and gelatin (of course, you can add cherry gelatin to have that nice red color) to create your magic.

Arguably, Christmas ice cubes aren’t a cocktail per se, if you pardon our French – but they’re so beautiful and tasty that we had to include them! Just use whatever fruit – herb – vegetable is lying around your kitchen, freeze it and then put it in your Xmas vodka!

What’s winter without Jack Frost? Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to make – it’s basically winter Pina Colada! Just add some Blue Curacao, vodka, pineapple juice, coconut cream, sugar and a bit of water – and shredded coconut for decoration purposes!

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