Best festive decorations: DIY edition! (II)

Hoping to make something for your paramour from Or you’re just searching for the best do it yourself festive decoration ideas? Check out some of the easy – to -do ideas we found!

  • Centerpiece! You should never forget about centerpiece during festive season: you can go with something simple, or go overboard with your imagination! It’s up to you!

  • Use wine bottles to make great candle holders – or just illuminate them with Christmas lights!

  • Paper Christmas trees are a great way to refresh some dead angles and corners, or just to brighten up a dull nightstand!

  • Glittery Christmas balls are always a good choice – you can just put them in a bowl or hang them somewhere, they always look good!

  • Nuts and other goodies go well with the festive season – put them in a bowl and you’ll get a nice decoration you can eat!

  • You can also put bells on everything and they’ll fit!

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