Rainbow flag and coming out!

Recently, a guy shared his coming out experience on Reddit, and it was sooo heartwarming!

“Our home is right next to a church, and directly across the street from their Catholic grade school,” he writes. “I went to that church my whole life, and my family still has many friends there, and is close with priests, nuns, and teachers that still work there.”

Then he bought a rainbow flag: “I didn’t ask anyone. I just ordered the flag and got some hooks and mounted it to hang right off of our porch, attached to my lifelong home,” he says. “I was terrified waiting for it to arrive, and even more so just waiting for my family to get home the day I hung it.”

“Nobody said anything. At one point, my mom asked where I got it. I told her I’d bought it online and that I knew there was at least one kid who gets off the bus at school across the street every day, who needs to know that they have support somewhere.”

A few days later he got an anonymous mail:

Dear fellow,

As I passed your home today I saw your flag and it lifted the pall that has been over me and my family since the election. I know it is weird for a stranger to drop you a note for a home adornment, but you should know that your sign of acceptance of diversity and sign that that there are people close by who feel differently than our future leaders do, gave me hope for our town, for what I try to teach my kids and hopefully for our country.

Thank you, so much.

I know this seems so melodramatic, but I’m 23, living at home after college, still closeted to my family, and feeling more and more uncomfortable in my home town. This letter meant so much to me, even though it doesn’t even say much of anything. I wish I could tell them how often it makes me smile still, days after reading it.

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