10,000 lights later…

This heartwarming story comes straight (no pun intended) from Reddit, where a woman complained that their new neighbors are bigots. Apparently, her new neighbor really dislikes gay people, particularly gay youth:

““She had learned that we were Mormon from church,” the Reddit-using woman explained her anger: “We are no longer Mormon, this issue is why I left. She came bouncing over and when my husband told her we no longer attend, she didn’t really get the message. She also must have missed the HRC sticker on my car.”

Her new neighbor also never failed “to tell us how horrified she was when her son got turned down for prom because the girl was already planning on going with her girlfriend.”

That, coupled with the school’s justifications for letting lesbians attend the prom together and doing an assembly that taught kids the facts about being transgender were just too much for her,” our heroine wrote. “She said that she had to move them away because she was so sick of the gays and transgenders and everyone making their ‘lifestyle’ okay.

But instead of starting a fight, she decide to explain it her like this:

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