Dating 101: Some pratical tips! (I)

Are you having trouble on your first dates? Well, the good thing would be to turn to – and meet someone cute who loves to travel! Meanwhile, check out some practical tips that can help you make it through your first date!

  • Your Grindr profile needs to be offline when you’re on a date! There is nothing more rude than checking for messages while you’re on a date with a cute guy!
  • Forget about Facebook activities when you’re on a first date! Don’t “check in” (there’s no intimacy in that) and stop trying to “friend” your dating partner – maybe he’s not ready yet!

  • Try not to label but also accept some things: this advice is tricky. While you should probably refrain from generalizing and putting a label on your date, if he is in a good mood and the conversation is going in the right direction, there’s no harm in letting him call you “muscle bear” or something like that.
  • Avoid heavy duty topics: while it’s nice to show your intelligence and wit, you don’t have to scare your potential boyfriend with hard-line attitudes about politics or world poverty. Allow him to get to know you and try to stick to lite versions of your more controversial ideas.

  • Keep an open mind: while in the “old days” accepting phone calls on a date would mean that he’s just not into you, in this day and age there are some calls you simply have to accept – those from your boss, for example. If he keeps getting phone calls, that might not raise red flags right away!


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