Dating 101: What to avoid! (II)

When you’re going out on a first date, it’s like learning how to ride a bike all over again: we’re insecure, scared, but we also want to have so much fun! Maybe it’s best to turn to to find your guy – after all, all the guys there are interested in traveling and dating, so anything goes! But if you’ve already scheduled your first date, check out some things you need to AVOID!

  • He chose the bar as your dating venue – if he (and vice versa, you) wants to dedicate his full attention to you, bar isn’t the happiest choice. Besides, it’s full of other guys! You want a guy who’s taking you to some quiet, private place, not some bar where you can’t talk and get to know each other!

  • He says things like “I hate this and that” and “I am straight acting” – no one likes a guy who pretends to be something he’s not, and lack of good manners is never a good thing. Even if he looks like a guy on the picture above – pecs might be perfect, but if he’s a bad person – skip him!

  • He’s drinking too much too quickly – all right, everyone drinks differently. Some people prefer to have shots right away and then drive on that pleasant buzz for a while, while others will be sipping wine and slowly getting in the mood. But if he’s gulping down his drink like there’s no tomorrow, there won’t be a tomorrow for the two of you.

  • He talks about his ex-boyfriend, like, ALL THE TIME – if he is constantly mentioning his previous paramour, chances are he’s not ready for a relationship or commitment. Skip this one and go to the next guy!

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