Homo- and a-sexual: Guys confess!

Whisper brought us another interesting story: what’s it like to be gay & asexual? That is, you love guys, but you’re not interested in their… parts? Take a look at what the other guys have to say – and if you want to travel the world, sexual or not, you can easily find your travel buddy at yec.com!

I get more hate for being asexual than I ever did for being gay
being gay and asexual in a world where everyone just wants sex..sucks figuratively
I'm gay, asexual, and I let my boyfriend sleep with other men. It's only sex. Our connection is way beyond that
I'm asexual and gay. Surprisingly I've found that the guys I'm interested in don't seem to mind...
Being gay and asexual is really weird because everyone stereotypes gay guys as sex maniacs and like, no
Being gay and asexual is quite a drag. I literally had up to 4 opportunities to end up in a relationship but the guys always end up leaving cuz I can't satisfy their needs.
Is it possible to be gay and asexual at the same time? I like guys, but have little desire to have any kind of sex



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