Amsterdam Pride: Will it shrink?

The beautiful Pride in Amsterdam is one of the best in the world – if not the best! Everyone is so used to colorful displays, parties, vivid performers, different event, stages, platforms and whatnot that it’s easy to forget that Amsterdam is still a city. And that’s exactly what the mayor of Amsterdam is saying – Eberhard van der Laan is hoping to put a new ordinance in place that will make the Amsterdam Pride smaller and more organized!

If you still haven’t visited Amsterdam, we suggest you hurry down to and do it right away – find a travel buddy and head right to Netherlands, because Amsterdam Pride might not be what everyone is used to: Mayor decided to limit the number of parties and events, and traditional fair at the Dam will completely disappear by 2019!

No, this isn’t a part of some sinister plot to destroy Amsterdam Pride – it’s just a new policy that’s trying to limit the noise and problems for city inhabitants, and to also help the police maintain order; at one point they had to manage 78 different events across the city! It will also help organize King’s Day in a better, more controlled fashion, the sources say.

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