Swedish city will educate all employees about LGBT rights!

There are so many good things coming from Sweden (hot Swedish guys being among the top five) – but this time, Sweden has outdone herself! Swedish municipality of Kalskrona has just decided to provide all of its employees and workers with a comprehensive training about anything that might affect and bother homosexual, bisexual, trans- and queer people.

It is extremely important that everyone understands the values which affect HBTQ peoples’ lives,”  said Börje Dovstad, a municipal councillor. “This is a way to show that this issue is important for us. We want to increase understanding and the chance for good treatment among employees.

The whole project that Kalskrona is planning to do will cost around $1,000.00 – a bargain, considering it will cover almost entire city staff. On top of that, people who work with the elderly and school health services (like school nurses) have already been certified about LGBTIQ sensitivity issues – how great is that?

This city might be small, but it has a big heart… and if you ever want to visit Sweden, you can easily do it thanks to yec.com!



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