Winter’s delights: Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel!

Looking for a nice, cool place where you can enjoy in winter festivities? There’s no place like Norway when it comes to winter and show (well, maybe Sweden or Finland, but lets dwell on that for too long) – and within Norway, there’s no place like Igloo Hotel! So, you know how it goes: you go down to to find that hot gay travel buddy and we give you a travel recommendation!

Norway’s largest and the world’s northernmost ice hotel is situated in Sorrisniva, about 25 minutes from Alta airport. The igloo hotel is one of its kind and is about 2,500 square meters large.”

All exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the bar. The hotel has approximately 30 rooms, suites, ice gallery, and ice-chapel. The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures – beautiful artwork created by talented sculptors.”

The hotel also offers snowmobile safari, watching Northern Lights and you can even throw down a wedding party there! So, if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience in Europe plus winter vacation, this just might be it!

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