Who will host Gay Games in 2022?

It’s still not know which city will host the 2022 Gay Games – but we’re guessing that at least someone at Federation of Gay Games has some clue about it! After all, International Federation of Gay Games is about to take a vote!

There are eight leading candidates for the next Gay Games, the biggest sports event for openly gay athletes. The cities include: Austin and Dallas, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Hong Kong.

Some cities, like Hong Kong and San Francisco (where the Gay Games started back in 1982) have already drafted their logos and prepped everything – while others are hoping to boost tourism and redefine the image of their cities.

The Bay Area reporter Roger Brigham interestingly noted: “They’ve either never put on a sports event of this magnitude or a sports event with this unique mission. They are trying to apply skill sets from politicians, tourism representatives, and human rights activists, and organize a participatory event in which sports reign supreme. Attention to detail is critical and understanding of mission requirements is mandatory. So as the beauty pageant progresses, it will be fascinating which of them actually corrects and educates itself.

The way cities portray themselves in the bids is illuminating. Cities such as Austin or Dallas paint themselves as vanguards of progressive acceptance and human rights, although Dallas brags about having a gayborhood while Austin proclaims its greater integration. Others, such as Guadalajara and Hong Kong, stress that a Gay Games would change perceptions and conditions for local LGBT residents.

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