It’s time for Red Hot Calendar!

If you’re looking for a hot calendar for the upcoming year which you can gift to your paramour from – you’re in luck! One of the hottest calendars just became available!


No, we’re not just throwing hot guys at you randomly – this hotness in the flesh (or, rather, in paper and color) is called “Red Hot Calendar”, for obvious reasons: it has only pictures of hot redheads!

As they say on their website: “The aim of Red Hot is to inspire ginger men to be proud of their red hair. Through the project’s touring exhibitions, merchandise and more, Thomas Knights challenges the ‘ugly’ and ‘geeky’ ideologies used throughout popular press that is so often used to depict ginger men. On the heels of his hugely successful Red Hot exhibitions photographer and filmmaker Thomas Knights created the ultimate bible for fans of hot ginger men Red Hot 100 and the follow up Red Hot II. With a truly international feel, the books contain flame-haired guys from all over the world. The 2017 calendar includes the original quotes from Red Hot 100 alongside 12 gorgeous men. Safe for work.

We’re not really sure about the whole “safe for work” part – but we’re not complaining either!

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