Best gay saunas and gyms in London!

When you’re visiting London – which has literally dozens (if not hundreds) gay clubs, bars, events and interesting places – you might wish to check out gay guys and saunas as well! You might wanna work on your muscles or just to keep in shape (and meet some interesting guys, of course), and there are plenty of gay gyms in London which you can check out! Of course, to get to London you’ll need!

Sweatbox Soho is  an excellent gay gym and sauna. White it’s not the biggest or fanciest out there, it’s still clean, modern and offers plenty of chances to meet interesting guys! The best thing is – you can take a 24-hour pass and have full access to everything, which is great because you don’t have to bother yourself with complicated memberships!

Jubilee Hall might be mixed, in theory, but you’ll notice plenty of hard core gay lifters there! It’s something of a favorite amidst London’s heavy lifting gay community, and it’s excellent facilities and no-nonsense attitude will immediately draw you in!

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