Golden city: Cool museums in Prague!

Is there a better way to spend your winter vacation than with a guy from You two can hop on to the first plane and be in Prague in a couple of hours! And while the beautiful Czech capitol has plenty of gay bars and night clubs, it also has some pretty cool museums you need to check out!

National Technical Museum

National Technical Museum in Prague is a jewel – it’s not just a tech museum, but an exhibition which will give you an insight into a completely different world and way of living!

KGB Museum

KGB Museum in Prague is one of the hidden jewels of local museum scene. “Quite unusual pieces, such as the death mask of Lenin, Trotsky murder weapon, the radio from Beria’s cabinet, the equipment from the laboratories of the KGB and many other things are in this collection in KGB Museum in Prague.”

Speculum Alchemiae Museum

Have you ever visited a museum of alchemy? You know – the Philosopher’s stone, the transmutation of lead into gold… The usual stuff! This one of a kind museum has a pretty good collection of unusual artifacts used by some of the best alchemists in Prague (which was known as a haven for alchemy in centuries past).


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