Hot 2017 calendars: Men in kilts!

Are you looking for a sexy calendar which you can wrap in some paper and give as a gift to your paramour from Or you just love to watch Scottish highlanders strutting around dressed in nothing but kilts? Blessed be the one who invented them – otherwise we might never get to see the splendor and hotness of these fantastic guys!

You can check out the full “Men in kilts 2017” calendar on their official website, but it’s a fairly typical guy-themed calendar – except that this one is extra hot!

Here’s the official description: “If men in kilts are your thing then check out the images inside this saucy A3 calendar for 2017! The buffest of blokes can be found monthly with nothing but this typical Scottish attire and on the front cover is Josh Watson who appeared in the 2016 Big Brother!”

Oh yes, we’d absolutely love to check out all the guys inside!

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