It’s time for Belgian Leather Pride!

We’ve already covered Antwerp, one of the nicest cities in Europe (mind you, Antwerp is quickly becoming a Euro hot spot for gay tourism) – but this time we have more good news! Antwerp is going to host Belgium Leather Pride in February!

That’s right – from 15th till 20th of February, Antwerp is gonna host a number of leather-related events – so if haven’t already packed your hottest leather outfit, it’s time to do it! Of course, you can find your travel buddy at – and see the Europe together!

So, if you’re looking for hot puppies, leather masters or just want to experience some excellent Belgian chocolate – it’s time to pack and visit Leather Pride! As usual, there will be a lot of theme parties and events, and you can check the full program here!

Have fun discovering Europe (or just Antwerp) and don’t forget to have some Belgian waffles for us!




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