Winter getaway: Best beaches!

Are you hoping to get away from the winter and go to some place where it’s warm and sunny? Well, we certainly understand that – while winter’s delights are wonderful, a man needs some beach, sun, sand, sea – and some hot guys! can help you with finding hot guys and travel arrangements, and meanwhile you can check out some of the coolest warm beaches!

Curaçao: Cas Abou

Cas Abao is a popular beach in Curacao (yes, that’s the same island that gave its name to cocktail ingredient) because of its crystal – azure blue waters and white sands!

Aruba: Eagle Beach

Aruba is always a good choice for winter beach vacations – this beautiful and sunny island is warm, has white sand and clear waters, it’s clean and welcoming… And it has some of the best cocktails in the world!

Puerto Vallarta: Playa los Muertos

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best destinations for winter-but-warm vacation – it’s got some amazing beaches and plenty of hot guys love to spend their days at the beach!


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