Movie time: “I am Michael”!

We all love James Franco, and we love Zachary Quinto even more – but we’ve been waiting for “I Am Michael” for quite some time! It’s finally gonna hit the theaters on January 27th – so it might be time to invite that cute guy from on a movie date!

Thread carefully, though – I am Michael is not a holiday themed comedy, or an action flick; it’s a serious drama telling the story of  Michael Glatze, a gay activist who denounces homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor!

The critics say this is the best Franco’s performance up to date: “An unusually nuanced James Franco carries this complex portrait of a man who came out and fought to encourage other LGBT youth before converting to conservative Christianity.” wrote Peter Debruge in Variety.

Well, with such good critical acclaim and a great theme, it’s time to hit the theaters (or stream it on your service once it becomes available).

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