Public art in NY: A gay couple!

While the idea and indeed the sight of two guys who are holding hands and walking down the street is accepted more and more throughout the world (and it’s not uncommon in New York), the visitors of new metro station in New York had a rare chance to see something else – a mural of two men holding hands!

This gay couple is the brainchild of Vik Muniz’s “Perfect Strangers,” a series of life-size mosaic portraits of everyday New Yorkers gracing the walls of the new subway station at 72nd Street.

Muniz stated: “They are just people you would expect to see. You would expect to see men holding hands.” The guys in question are Thor Stockman, who is 60, and his husband Patrick Kellogg. When Thor found out that he and his husband will be featured in public art, he stated that “it was like winning the lottery.” It’s nice to see something like this becoming an everyday sight!

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