Rainbow Ball celebrates 20th anniversary!

When we’re talking about central Europe, Vienna comes pretty high on our list. And how could it not, with things like Pink Christmas or charming post-imperial gay bars? If you’re hoping to get there, it’s time to hit yec.com and find that cute Austrian boy ready to show you the local sights – but meanwhile, remember that you can also waltz the night away on Rainbow Ball!

Regenbogenball (meaning Rainbow Ball in German) is the annual LGBT ball in Vienna and represents the top of the social season in Austria (at least for LGBT community). Of course, imperial times are long behind us, so you don’t have to be royalty to get there – you just need to get a ticket and a tux!

This year Rainbow Ball celebrates 20th anniversary – and just like any cute, restless and young guy, it wanted to make a huge party!

The ball also serves as a fundraiser for HOSI (Homosexual Initiative Vienna), the biggest gay and lesbian organisation in Austria.


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