Just a reminder: Hottest gay calendars!

We promise you – this is the last time (at least in the upcoming months) that we’ll bother you with hot guys who might easily find themselves hanging on your wall! Of course, we’re talking about various gay calendars for 2017 – take a look at some of the hottest gay calendars that we’ve already covered!

  • Pecs and Puppies 2017: if hot, muscular guys who are also great with man’s best friend are your thing – check out our article here!

  • Omega Tau Sigma calendar – hot guys taking care of animals! We’ve covered them before but it doesn’t hurt to check out the guys – they’re a feast for the eyes!

Additionally, you can check out our list of best calendars: first and second article! And if you want to find your own guy and put him in a frame, it’s time to hit yec.com and travel with world with someone special!

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