Hanging out: Philippines’ first gay series!

Admittedly, we don’t know much about gay life in the Philippines – we just know it’s a beautiful country with lots of friendly people with open hearts! But new web series sheds some light on the matter – “Hanging Out” promises some good fun!

The director stated: “In a country where the LGBTs lack the representation that’s needed to really empower the community, a small step like having a web series focused entirely on the “gay life” is something that I feel is essential for growth“. And here – take a look at the first episode on YouTube!

Wanggo Gallaga, one of the guys who wrote “Hanging Out” commented that “there is a real need for Filipino queer stories to be told now. You can see it in social media: a new generation of young gay and trans men and women who wants to hear their stories told. That’s what we aimed to do with this web series. We wanted the series to be as true and as honest as it can be.”


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